Executive Leadership Team

Whether you want to expand or relocate your facility, connecting with the right people is everything.

Business Development Staff

We offer first-class service to ensure your investment will continue to grow. To learn more about available site locations, eligible incentives for your business, our business-friendly regulations, and why our infrastructure is second to none, contact our team.

Regional Business Consultants

John Hatfield Southern Middle Tennessee Regional Director 615-290-2227EMAIL ME
Taylor Belcher Business Development Consultant 423-440-9008EMAIL ME
Ordis Copeland Business Development Consultant 901-413-7788EMAIL ME
Janna Hellums Business Development Consultant 731-343-0286EMAIL ME
Donald Hurst Business Development Consultant EMAIL ME
Anissa Ingram Business Development Consultant 423-847-5121EMAIL ME
Jed Leonard Business Development Consultant 615-450-4378EMAIL ME
Angela Regitko Business Development Consultant 931-312-9210EMAIL ME
Michelle Scarbrough Business Development Consultant 865-202-1752EMAIL ME
Chelsey Scott-Wallace Business Development Consultant 731-621-9240EMAIL ME
Zach Skipper Business Development Consultant 629-203-0252EMAIL ME

International Staff

The TNECD global team includes trade and investment recruitment representatives, as well as offices in strategic locations around the world: Belgium, China, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

Center for Economic Research in Tennessee (CERT)

CERT provides key research to support informed decisions and strategic competitiveness in economic and community development.

Sally Avery Director 615-979-6064EMAIL ME
Robert Suttles Manager 615-979-6001EMAIL ME
Jeremy Stiles Manager 615-532-1895EMAIL ME
Katherine Scott Statistical Research Specialist 615-761-4127EMAIL ME
Tecora Duckett Research Analyst 615-574-8962EMAIL ME
John Patten Research Analyst 629-215-1607EMAIL ME

Communications and Marketing Staff

For first-class service regarding brand identity guidelines, publications, press releases and other brand assets, please contact our team.

Justin Lane Marketing Director 615-253-4897EMAIL ME
Jennifer McEachern Communications Director 615-336-2689EMAIL ME
Hayley Bolton Art Director 615-306-6113EMAIL ME
Carly Schroer Public Information Officer 615-770-0498EMAIL ME
Scott Harrison Public Information Officer 615-417-2076EMAIL ME
Brian Havens Video Production 615-762-6438EMAIL ME
Miles Hutcherson Technical Project Manager 615-202-2986EMAIL ME

Rural Development

Our core focus is on programs centered on workforce, technology, tourism, agriculture and entrepreneurship to ensure our communities are among the best places in the world to live and work.

Brooxie Carlton Deputy Assistant Commissioner 615-336-2481EMAIL ME
Kent Archer Grants Director 615-354-3591EMAIL ME
Leanne Cox Site Development Director 615-613-4818EMAIL ME
Nancy Williams Tennessee Main Street Director (615) 806-3185EMAIL ME
Jimmy West Capital Projects Director 615-532-3037EMAIL ME
Jody Sliger Community Development Director 615-393-4393EMAIL ME
Amanda Martin Broadband Director 615-982-4399EMAIL ME
Lindsay Gainous Project Coordinator 615-253-1907EMAIL ME
Karla Nicodemus Grants Coordinator 615-532-3594EMAIL ME
Rice Pritchard Grants Analyst 615-741-5543EMAIL ME
Jamie Bedgood Grants Analyst 615-253-1897EMAIL ME
Lee Peterson Grants Analyst 615-532-1902EMAIL ME
Crystal Ivey Broadband Grant and Program Manager 615-487-8773EMAIL ME
Corrine Wiesmueller CDBG Grants Program Manager (615) 253-1942EMAIL ME
Briana Moore Grants Coordinator 615-532-2770EMAIL ME
Logan McCoy Special Projects 629-201-0063EMAIL ME

Administrative Services

Leslie Hathaway Human Resources Director 615-253-1906EMAIL ME
Sherri Mays Office & Resource Manager 615-770-3837EMAIL ME
Tiffany Pennington Grants Coordinator 615-483-8400EMAIL ME
Jessica L. Johnson Senior Policy/ Fiscal Advisor and Budget Director 615-253-1946EMAIL ME
Teresa Trimble Accounting Technician 615-253-1912EMAIL ME
Stephanie Burnette Fiscal Director 615-253-1912EMAIL ME
Meseid Mikheil 615-532-3244 AccountantEMAIL ME
Malcolm Givens Accountant 615-253-8515EMAIL ME
Angel Giles Office & Resource Manager 615-917-3963EMAIL ME


Kelsea Akers Receptionist & Administrative Assistant 615-253-7295EMAIL ME
Summer Carr Assistant General Counsel 615-253-1944EMAIL ME
Julia Eschbach ECD Contracts and Audit Coordinator 615-253-1900EMAIL ME
Garrett Guillory Director of Contracts 615-532-6346EMAIL ME

FastTrack Staff

Jeff Bolton Director of FastTrack Programs 615-253-1909EMAIL ME
Juandale Cooper FastTrack Project Manager 615-253-6257EMAIL ME
Joseph Patrick Auditor 2 615-253-1590EMAIL ME
Janet Plumlee FastTrack Training Manager 615-532-9048EMAIL ME


Wisty Pender BERO Director 615-741-8914EMAIL ME
Lamont Price TNInvestco Director 615-741-9301EMAIL ME