McKenzie Airport Industrial Park

Site Overview

Site address Rochelle Road
City (where site is located) McKenzie
County (where site is located) Caroll
Site ownership Public
Site acreage 52.71 acres
Developable acreage 52.71 acres
Additional acreage available 21 acres
For sale or lease Sale
Sale/lease price $15,000/acre
Zoning None
Site covenants Yes
Impact fees None
Foreign trade zone In Progress
Distance to four-lane highway 0.3 miles
Rail service Not available


Utility Service

Electric line serving site 13 kV
Electric service to substation 69 kV
Dual feed service Available
Natural gas service 4-inch line/325 psi
Water line serving site 10-inch
Water system capacity 3 MGD
Excess water system capacity 1.3 MGD
Wastewater line 8 inch
Wastewater system capacity 2 MGD
Excess wastewater capacity 1.4 MGD


Technical Studies and Reports

Two-foot topographic survey Available
Geotechnical survey Available
Site grading plan/design Not available
Flood hazard Outside flood plain
Phase 1 ESA Available (March 2016)
Endangered species desktop review Available
Hydrologic determination Available
Cultural resource desktop review Available